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The HUMAN EVENTS/ Petition Demanding Equal Facebook Town Hall Meeting Time for the Republican Presidential Nominee

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

We, the editors and staff of HUMAN EVENTS and, and the tens of thousands of Americans who have attached our signatures to this petition, salute your success in creating an extraordinary medium through which millions of people can make their voices heard.

We also applaud your recognition that Facebook is now an influential public platform and key vehicle for political expression. Your recent Town Hall with President Obama held on April 20, 2011 was an impressive example of that.

However, given Facebook’s dominance of the internet, we believe Facebook has a duty to provide “equal time” to the eventual Republican candidate, just as the other private media companies that control the public airwaves are required to do.

We hereby respectfully ask that you recognize your opportunity and responsibility to provide equal time to both sides of the national political debate by pledging that you will invite the eventual Republican presidential nominee to share the stage with you at a Town Hall event identical to that which you held for President (and candidate) Obama.

We believe that not doing so will be a violation of the trust millions of Americans have placed in Facebook.

Your members include people of all political persuasions, including more than fifty million right-leaning Americans. That Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes helped lead Obama's 2008 online campaign already gives many of us reason to believe you lean 100% opposite. Failing to give equal time to the Republican presidential nominee will further position Facebook squarely and irredeemably as a biased, untrustworthy member of the liberal media — just another political tool where censorship rules — rather than a free and open public gathering place. At risk will be the loyalty of countless right-leaning Facebook members.

We urge you to recognize the legitimacy of our request by posting your pledge, as CEO, that Facebook will host the future Republican presidential nominee at a Town Hall meeting identical in all respects to that recently undertaken for President Obama.

Respectfully submitted,


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